How to buy AktivFilter 3.3 software

AktivFilter 3.3 software is offered in the following products. Please click on the product name to get to the corresponding buy page:

Product Licensed user Price
AktivFilter 3.3 Personal Edition eMail 1 Person with 1 Computer *) 69 € or
74 $
AktivFilter 3.3 Professional Edition eMail 1 Person with 1 Computer *) 96 € or
103 $
AktivFilter 3.3 Student Edition eMail 1 Pupil, Student or Apprentice with 1 Computer *) 53 € or
57 $
Upgrade AktivFilter 3, 3.1, or 3.2 Personal Edition to AktivFilter 3.3 Professional Edition eMail, incl. OpAmp-Modell 1 Person with 1 Computer *) 32 € or
34 $

$ = US-Dollar (USD)

*) The licence can be registered up to three times (see Registration).


If you buy the AktivFilter 3.3 Personal Edition eMail, the Professional Edition eMail or the Student Edition eMail you will get by email a download address for the software and a file with your licence information.


Every edition of AktivFilter 3.3 contains gratis updates on every later appearing 3.x version by download. So your investment in AktivFilter is future-proof, as you will profit from improvements of the software.


After your installation you have to register your software within 30 days. The registration will be done online: you click a button in a dialog of the software. This will open your web broser with an internet form. The form contains an ID, which is a short checksum of your operating system licence. You will receive the code for completing the registration by email. You are allowed to register your AktivFilter 3.3 licence up to three times. The second and third registration can be used e.g. for an upgrade of your operating system to another version of Microsoft Windows.

AktivFilter 3.3 Student Edition eMail

The AktivFilter 3.3 Student Edition is technically identical to the AktivFilter 3.3 Personal Edition eMail, has the same update rights and may be purchased only by pupils, students or apprentices. Therefore it is necessary that you send us a valid document of your school or training center which proves your status by email.

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