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Circuit Experts presents products which help to develop electronic circuits.

Stefan Bayer is a certified engineer of electrical engineering and a professional software developer. The modelling of oscillators, filters, and transistor amplifiers belongs to his experiences, in particular for the use in computer-aided design (CAD) of these circuits. He has built AktivFilter 3.3, a software for the design of active filters. AktivFilter is able to tune the components values of the active filter to the operational amplifier type and to the standard values of the components. He has also developed TransistorAmp 1.1, a program for the design of transistor amplifiers.

Jessica Sarnecki is a certified computer scientist and an experienced professional software developer. Together with Stefan, she has created TransistorAmp 2, a program for the design of transistor amplifiers with an up-to-date dialog-based user interface and a call interface for a simulation software e.g. LTspice.

Circuit Experts was called "SoftwareDidaktik" until 2021. SoftwareDidaktik was founded in 2001 by Robert Heinemann - author of the book "PSPICE: Einführung in die Elektroniksimulation". Together with Prof. Otto Justus, he developed spiceLab, a product which we no longer offer since 2009.

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